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Institute of cellular and intracellular symbiosis Uro RAS is a leading specialized research institution in the southern Urals microbiological profile, which has a modern instrument base and highly qualified scientific personnel.

The main objective of the Institute is to carry out fundamental research and applied developments in the field of Microbiology, Infectology and microbial ecology.

The Institute occupies a leading position in the world of science, justifying a new direction – “infectious simbiology”, which includes the following: infection – the three-track model system of associative symbiosis; the universal informative criteria (indicator of microbial contamination, antilysocyme activity and peoplecompanies) basic physiological functions (reproduction and adaptation) of microorganisms – the basis of assessment of their interactions; the competence of persistent bacteria “biomixing” to study their regulation and “tool” determine their biocommunicative relationships.

The high level of novelty of research is also due to the study of the species diversity of microbiota reservoirs arid zones of the Urals and Elton in the gradient of salinity from the standpoint of associative symbiosis, which opened the possibility of identifying unique species and biotechnologically significant cultures of microorganisms as sources of biologically active substances and determining the environmental status of reservoirs.

The Institute has:
– a license for activities involving the use of infectious agents, performance of works with microorganisms 3-4 pathogenicity groups of 28.07.2010 № 56.D1.15.001.L. 000024.07.10
– sanitary and epidemiological conclusion No. m. 000856.07.10 of 07.07.2010 for activities related to the use of infectious disease agents of groups III-IV pathogenicity.

The Commission on performance evaluation of scientific organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences assigned the Institute the first category (resolution of the Presidium of RAS dated 25.12.2012 № 271).