Laboratory for ecology of microorganisms

Fadeev Sergey BorisovichHead of the laboratory is Fadeev Sergey Borisovich, M.D., associate professor, the author of more than 100 scientific works, including a monograph, holder of 4 invention patents of  the Russian Federation.

Research interests: particularities of the interrelations between microorganisms and the environment according to the approach of infectious symbiology.

Main trends of scientific activity of the laboratory:

  • structural and functional characterization of microsymbiocenosis of human upper respiratory tract in normal state and with an infectious pathology;
  • microecological features of surgical infections and hospital-acquired infections;
  • investigating of the interactions mechanisms between erythrocytes and bacteria, their biological and medical significance.

The most important results of investigations:

  • the role of communicative connections in microsymbiocenosis of human upper respiratory tract in normal state and with an infectious pathology has been determined, novel methods of diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment of various types of infectious damage on upper respiratory tract have been developed;
  • the connection of intermicrobial interactions and biological properties of bacterial pathogens with the particularities of different types of surgical site infections has been found, novel methods of efficiency increase in therapeutic and diagnostic measures have been developed;

  • the capacity of Staphylococcus epidermidis and Escherichia coli to invade erythrocytes have been determined, the role of antihemoglobine activity of microorganisms in the process of intraerythrocyte invasion have been revealed, as well as hemoglobine structure modifications and the change in antioxidant erythrocyte protection activity.