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The Institute of Cellular and Intracellular Symbiosis is the only scientific research institution in the South Ural specialized in microbiology. It holds great facilities and resources and highly qualified academic and teaching personnel.

The main aim of the Institute activities is to conduct basic research and applied developments in microbiology, infectology and microbial ecology.

According to the aims, established in the Regulations of the Institute, the main trends of scientific activities of the ICIS are:

  • the investigation of the mechanisms of cellular and intracellular symbiosis and their regulation with the various factors;
  • the development of medical and laboratorial technologies on the basis of the persistence properties of microorganisms and the development of the scientific bases for microbiological monitoring of the environmental objects.

Scientific and methodical supervision of the Institute is carried out by the Department for physiological sciences of the RAS and the United Academic Board for medical sciences of the UB RAS.

Training of the top-qualified scientific and teaching personnel is carried out by the means of postgraduate training programme. The ICIS has obtained the license of Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency from the 20th of May, 2012 (90Л01 № 0000116) to provide the educational operations upon the top-qualification training for the “Biological sciences” training programme (06.06.01) and for the extended professional education.