“Persistence of microorganisms” Center of Shared Scientific Equipment

In 2014 “Persistence of microorganisms” Center of Shared Scientific Equipment was founded in the Institute to improve level of genomic and transcriptomic investigations with next generation sequencing technology. The main activities of the centre are: providing research with the present equipment, as well as providing facility for the researchers, scientific teams and interested users.

The main research methods of the centre:

  • isolating DNA and RNA from the biological objects (plants, animals, fungi, bacteria) with chemical lysis and mechanical homogenization ;
  • cellular and molecular cloning;
  • electrophoresis of nucleic acids and proteins in gel;
  • quantitative evaluation of nucleic acid and protein concentration with fluorometry;
  • polymerase chain reactions, including multiplex PCR and real-time PCR;
  • preparing DNA-libraries for NGS sequencing;
  • NGS sequencing on MiSeq (Illumina) for purposes of metagenomics, transcriptomics, whole-genome and amplicon target sequencing, etc.;
  • liquid preparative highly-effective chromatography of organic compounds;
  • lyophilization of biological specimens, including bacterial cultures.

The equipment of the centre includes:

  • automatic sequencing system MiSeq (Illumina, USA);

  • LL 1500 freeze dryer (Thermo Fischer Scientific, the Czech Republic);
  • gradient highly effective liquid chromatography system with multiline spectrophotometric detector Smartline (Knauer, Germany);

  • refrigerated centrifuge Universal 320 R (Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co, Germany);
  • real-time PCR MiniOpticon system (BIO-RAD, France);

  • gel documentation systems INFINITI-3026, WL/LC/26МХ Х-Press (Vilber Lourmat, France);
  • supplemental equipment.